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Flight with TB20 SX-ATK (In Greek)


Attitude Indicator

     Attitude indicator The attitude indicator or otherwise artificial horizon is the instrument that indicates the exact attitude of the airplane relative to the horizon of the earth. Essentially this means, that the pilot may be looking at the tilt of the aircraft, relative to the longitudinal (pitch) and lateral (roll) axis. The instrument is divided into two parts by a horizontal line. In the upper part has blue color, while the lower has brown. In the center there is a cross or miniature airplane that indicates the position of the aircraft.

     The instrument 's scale graduated in degrees, marked every 5 for indicating angle up and down. At the top of and around the perimeter of is a linear scale , which shows the angle of the left and right (bank angle). These lines show us the corners 10, 20 , 30, 60, 90 from both sides. The instrument commonly used in VFR flights but is especially useful in low visibility conditions. With this instrument we cannot have information on the rate of climb or descent , because it depends on other factors such as speed and engine thrust.

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 Giannis Evagelinos   

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