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Vertical Speed Indicator

    Vertical speed indicatorVertical Speed Indicator or otherwise variometer, is the instrument that measures how many feet per minute an aircraft descends or climbs. In some cases, the measurement may be in meters per minute. VSI like altimeter, is based on the change of air pressure. The instrument is connected with a fixed volume air container on the one side and on the other by the pitot tube that gets pressure from outside environment.

      When the external pressure rises or descends because of the change of the altitude, VSI measures the rate that air pressure enters or exits, to balance the pressure of the container with the environment. The faster the aircraft climbs or descends, the faster the air flow becomes. Modern aircraft have a special sensor which measures the change of external pressure directly and calculates more precisely the climb or descend rate, without the use of the container.

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 Giannis Evagelinos   

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