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Turn and Balance Indicator

     Turn CoordinatorTurn and Balance Indicator is a double-role instrument. As a turn indicator it shows the rate of heading change of the aircraft and as a balance indicator, it shows if the turn of the airplane is balanced or not. The common name of the instrument is turn coordinator. Each of its two systems have an independent operating mechanism . Both , however, are based on gyroscope mechanisms.

     In turn indicator we see the miniature of an airplane from the back, which seems to be tilted left or right. The tilt is showing us which is the rate of change of direction of the airplane. In no case, however, can show us the slope of the aircraft, so we should not confuse with the attitude indicator, which gives us information about how many degrees is the bank angle of the airplane. So the sooner the path of the airplane changes, the more we see the miniature tilted to the side of the turn. That is also why the instrument gives us information even on the ground.

     Around the instrument are on both sides two lines that show us when the aircraft has been steady, and the other two below them, shows the angle. When the left wing of the miniature reaches these lateral lines, then we know that we have a standard rate turn. In the lower part of the instrument, is the panel of the balance indicator, which shows a ball that moves left or right. When the airplane changes direction, the ball must be in the center. This is a coordinated turn. Otherwise we have a skidding or a slipping turn.

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 Giannis Evagelinos   

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