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Flight with TB20 SX-ATK (In Greek)



     The basic flight instruments located in the cockpit of an airplane are those that offer the pilot information such as altitude, speed and direction. They were developed at the early 30’s and besides their evolution, are still keeping the basic operating principles through the time.

     With the information provided from basic instruments , the pilot knows the exact position and direction of the flight. Basic instruments are particularly useful in low visibility conditions , such as in clouds , or during the night. The correct comprehension and use, gives best results and makes things easier for the pilot.

     An aircraft can fly with considerable accuracy with these basic instruments which are:

  1. Airspeed Indicator
  2. Altimeter
  3. Magnetic Compass
  4. Attitude Indicator
  5. Heading Indicator
  6. Vertical Speed Indicator
  7. Turn and Balance Indicator


For FlightSimmer.GR
 Giannis Evagelinos