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Flight with TB20 SX-ATK (In Greek)


Airspeed IndicatorAirspeed indicator

      One of the oldest and most important instruments in the panel of an aircraft is the Airspeed Indicator. It’s the instrument that indicates the speed that the air flows around the aircraft , or else the dynamic pressure exerted by the protrusion of the air stream above the moving plane. This speed is called indicated airspeed IASIASDefinition: Indicated Airspeed...
and measured in knots.

     This instrument uses a set of standard color zones for the range of speeds that the aircraft can reach. In the range of the white zone, the aircraft can fly with the flaps extended. The green zone is the allowed range that the aircraft can fly without the use of flaps. In the yellow zone the aircraft can fly only when the air flow and direction changes are smooth. The red line is the speed that should never be exceeded, while the blue is the speed that we achieve the best possible climb.

For FlightSimmer.GR
 Giannis Evagelinos   

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