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      Ελληνική έκδοση

     Luca Bertossio was born 24 January 1990 in Italy and he is well known in world's aviation as an aerobatics pilot who performs glider aerobatics as competitor for the Italian National Glider Aerobatic Team and as a professional Airshow pilot for the company Red Bull GmbH and he is the Official Testimonial for CITIZEN Watches co. ltd.

     Luca has Glider Aerobatic Pilot, Private Pilot, Unlimited Flight Instructor licenses and he is the Official Coach of Romanian National Team. Some of his achievements are: 5 times National Champion, 6 times FreeStyle Champion, Vice-World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Champion 2011 with 2 Silver FAI Medals, World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Champion in 2012 with 4 Gold FAI Medals, Vice-World Champion Unlimited Glider Aerobatic in 2015 with 1 Bronze and 2 Silver FAI Medals!


     FlightSimmer.GR met Luca Bertossio after the Athens Flying Week 2015 and presents you an interview with him.


  •  Luca, tell us when did you first start interesting about aviation? When and how did you start your training?

     I get involved in aviation when I was 11yo because of my father… He’s not a pilot but he used to travel a lot for his job and so, I was very often in the airport waiting for his return and I was desiring to fly those airplanes which brought my dad to me so I could spent more time with him…

     I started to fly in ultralights at 12yo with a friend of mine, later at 16 I got my first license, then I became a private pilot and at 19yo I felt in love for glider aerobatics!


  • Did something or someone inspired you to follow aviation and specially aerobatics?

     I had/have Of course many heroes and references to imitate and to be inspired from… If you want to be good, you need references and try to get closer and closer to them, behave like them, think a bit like them and try to fly like them… Then you put your personal signature to execute everything because being unique is what really matters at the end and last but not least all your soul in what you’re doing: blood, sweat and tears and you’ll have back a lot of satisfactions and smiles from this sport!


  • Here in Greece, gliders are not very familiar. Can you tell us in few words how easy or difficult is for someone to start flying with them? Can someone start flying a glider at his first steps or must initial fly a common single engine aircraft?

     Gliders are so easy but so challenging to fly at the same time, or at least they give you a lot of potential (like a music instrument) and it’s really up to the pilot to make them “sound” good… So I would suggest everybody to learn to fly with gliders first because you can build up a very interesting mind/approach to everything in aviation and in the everyday ’s life as well… Athens Gliding Club in Tatoi Airport is the best way to start flying gliders in my opinion in Greece… Go there and try… Then you’ll immediately understand if that’s what you love and need!






  • We have the opportunity to watch your amazing show in Athens Flying Week all these years, tell us how difficult and responsible is to fly above audience? Does it make you more anxious?

     I can say that I fly airshow for the audience…to inspire them and trying to be a role model somehow and that’s the main goal! People’s smile, entertainment and safety are paramount and we all operate for these goals as well!

     I have a lot of responsibility when I’m flying in front of them…I don’t want to disappoint them or to scare anybody…that’s part of my mission… I’m not anxious to fly in front of 6 or 600.000 people, it doesn’t matter to me while I’m performing as well as before my flight… I can see the audience only when I land the glider and stop in from of them when they scream my name…that’s the moment I get really satisfied and enjoy the instant…


  • Did you ever had any difficult situation when performing your program for any reason?

     Well I had some little troubles during my exhibitions but nothing so critical luckily…
Usually nothing goes perfectly as you expected…that’s why we train a lot!


  • Is it possible to push your limit for more aerobatics because of the crowd’s enthusiasm or you are always concentrated to your program?

     This’s a deep question…This danger is always behind the corner and we have to really be aware and ready to prevent and fight them. I personally define my flight program according to the current situation (weather, display area and specific issues…) and every time I do my best to stuck on it, but with the glider, as I mentioned above, you have always to “re-design” something in the moment you’re gonna do it and this takes a lot of concentration and decision’s skills that we developed through the years and thousand flights…so basically I never take “The Audience” as a variable in my program.


  • As a member of the Italian National Glider Aerobatic Team, Red Bull Official Pilot and CITIZEN Watches Testimonial too, you have won a lot of medals. What is your next steps? Do you have in mind any new goals to achieve?

     I did a discrete job in these years but the best has yet to come! Now I’m on training for the World Air Games, the most important Aviation Competition which is gonna be held in Dubai-Emirates in December… After that I’ll continue to train myself for the next big competitions as well…perfection is soooooo far!!!






  • As an aerobatic pilot, what is an ordinary day of yours? How many hours do you practice a day?

     My days are very different according to the part of season I’m into… About Training/Competition/Airshow Season I usually have 4 up to 6 flight session everyday with my coach Sandor Katona so I spend all my day in the air more or less… It’s really important to keep the focus very high and the motivation too…you have never to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing!


  • How many airshows and competitions are in your yearly schedule? How important are your sponsors to this fact?

     It depends by the “type” of Season I plan for that year… I have “competitions seasons” where I get focused a lot on them or Airshow Season where I try to fly as many airshow as possible… This year 2015 was something a little bit strange because I managed to fly in the most important Airshows in the World as EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh and at the same time became Vice-World Champion in Czech Republic and getting ready for Dubai…

     Sponsors are really important for my life, no money no game you know…that’s why it’s really important to stay always on top and be creative and innovative and try to be loved by the audience… I work very  hard with Red Bull and CITIZEN Watches and all the other to represent them as good as I can in every situation I’m into.


  • Did you ever had in mind to be a commercial airline pilot or you always loved only aerobatics?

     I stared flying with the desire of being and airline pilot and I almost completed all the required licenses…than I felt in love for glider aerobatics and put every efforts  on that…it worked, I feel really lucky and grateful to have the chance to do what I really love!


  • We are looking forward to watch you again in next year’s Athens Flying Week. What should we expect from your demonstration? Is there any surprise to be waiting for?

     Every year I try to be better so, hopefully you ’ll see something new and unique! See you in AFW2016!






  • You participating to air shows with many others demo display teams. Is there any favorite team for you?

     I have many heroes who became my friends and I feel very grateful for this… some of my favorite teams are: Frecce Tricolori, Rob Holland, Sean D.Tucker, Mike Goulian, Melissa and Rex Pemberton, Scott Yoak and so many other...


  • In aerobatics you have to take quickly and right decisions, does this effects to the way you take decisions in your everyday life too?

     Aerobatics affects my everyday life as well yes… that’s why flying is so helpful for the mind setting it can gives to you… with glider specially you have only one moment to take the right decision and most of the time you can’t go back to change it…so always be focused and ready!



     FlightSimmer.GR thanks a lot Luca Bertossio for this interview and wishes him always safe landings!

     You can find Luca Bertossio on FacebookYouTube and Official Webpage


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